Richard Fraser is a photographer currently working in Brisbane.  With a keen interest in photojournalism, Richard is particularly attracted to stories and issues that are overlooked by mainstream media.  His work also aims to challenge popular myths and misconceptions.

In addition to the exploration of BDSM subculture exhibited here, Richard’s recent photojournalism projects have explored the people and lifestyles of the Central Queensland town of Capella, the ongoing relocation of public housing tenants in Sydney’s Millers Point and the characteristics of First Fleet descendants in Brisbane.  In January 2013 he documented the impact of Australia-funded foreign aid projects in Cambodia.

Prior to working as a photographer, Richard administered media and communications regulations at the Australian Communications and Media Authority.  He holds a Bachelor of Photography from the Queensland College of Art (Griffith University), a Bachelor of Commerce from Griffith University and a Graduate Diploma in Public Policy from Australian National University.


T +61 416 524 724

E richard@rfphoto.com.au

ABN 84 621 638 676